Earthwalks for Body
and Spirit:
Exercises to Restore Our Sacred
Bond with the Earth

by James Endredy
Foreword by Victor Sanchez

ISBN 1-879181-78-9
Bear & Company
200 pages, 5 3/8 x 8 1/4
Paper, $14.00 (CAN $20.95)


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About the Book

In Earthwalks for Body and Spirit, a workbook of 45 simple walking exercises, author and workshop leader James Endredy shows us how the act of walking can be a catalyst for personal transformation by teaching us to develop our attention, quiet the mind, expand our consciousness, and rediscover our sacred relationship with Earth. Each of the exercises, many of which are based on the author's work with the traditional indigenous practices of the Huichol Indians of western Mexico, offers step-by-step instructions and comments that will help you gain the most from the walk. Additionally, the author focuses each group of exercises on a different aspect of transformation - there are walks of attention and awareness; group connection; connection to the nierikas (powers) of Sun, Water, Wind, Fire, and Mother Earth; connection to the energies of animals, trees, and places of power; and finally, as a way of honoring both your new understanding of Self and your deepened relationship with Earth, walks of offering and vision.

"An extremely satisfying, well-written book!"

- Magical Blend Magazine


"Earthwalks for Body and Spirit asks us to look more deeply at the walking we may already be doing-for exercise or to simply move us from one place to another. It calls on us to remember that the ground upon which we walk is sacred ground. After reading Earthwalks for Body and Spirit, I know that my weekly walking regimen has taken on a whole new dimension."

- Vision Magazine






"Earthwalks for Body and Spirit offers us the possibility of gaining greater awareness through that most natural of actions, simply walking with attention and purpose. . . . James Endredy has put together a wonderful resource that is both intimate and well written."
Jose Stevens, Ph.D., author of Transforming Your Dragons and Secrets of Shamanism

"Earthwalks is an extremely effective guide for deepening your connection to Life. Using its practical and powerful techniques will awaken within you a more conscious and loving relationship with the Earth." Joseph Cornell, educator and author of Listening to Nature

"Thank you, James Endredy, for giving us a valuable do-it ourselves manual on self-care via walking to satisfy our genetically-programmed need for intimate bonding with Mother-Father Earth. As a long-time lover of walking connected with Nature, I can resonate to your insights from my experience. As an ecotherapist I affirm your methods for overcoming ecoalienation and opening
ourselves to the healing energy of earth-bonding as a wonderful way of enhancing the wholeness of our minds-bodies-spirits. You obviously walk the walk!" Prof. Howard Clinebell, Ph.D., Author, Ecotherapy: Healing Ourselves, Healing the Earth

"For indigenous people everywhere walking is spiritual as well as physical, an ecstatic journey into our oneness with nature. In these magical pages, Jim Endredy opens the door to that journey. Earthwalks is a
beautiful invitation for you to shapeshift your life." John Perkins, author of Spirit of the Shuar and The World is as You Dream It.


"The incredible variety of walking styles, different ways of focusing attention, being guided by another, blindfolded, naked, etc. bring up all kinds of issues and possibilities for self-awareness and growth. Encouraging us to take our cues from nature-based cultures in our own unique individual way, Endredy asks that we join the movement to honor and cultivate our relationship to Mother Earth."

- Spirit of Change Magazine


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